Welcome to Energistics, LLC, an affiliate company of Lafser and Associates, Inc. At Energistics we specialize in renewable energy solutions including all aspects of solar power in St. Louis, Missouri, and surrounding areas. Energistics' ability to coordinate and complete numerous, diverse, and complex projects, as well as our past experience in the St. Louis market, results in our company being well suited to supply solar technology in the surrounding region.  Our unmatched expertise and experience in working with tax credits and government programs helps our clients receive the best package of incentives possible.  We provide our clients with a low-risk way to integrate solar technology into commercial facilities using leading design practices, high quality components, and installation services.
Energistics' benefits to its clients:

  • Custom Photovoltaic system designed to meet your needs
  • Use of quality components
  • Quality installation completed in a timely manner
  • Experience with federal and state level tax incentives and credits
  • Assistance with Ameren Missouri paperwork submissions
  • Knowledge of historical restrictions regarding solar installations 

How Solar Power Works

Sunlight is captured by the solar array as DC power.  After the energy passes through an inverter, the energy is converted to AC power so that it is compatible with home/office energy use.  From the inverter, the solar power passes through the facility’s main electrical panel where the energy is used first.  If there is not enough power produced at any time then power from the electric provider is used from the grid.  If surplus power is generated, the meter literally “runs backwards” providing a utility credit.
Selected New Projects Include: Energistics, LLC
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St. Louis, MO 63141
Phone: 314.374.3687
Email: info@energistics-mo.com

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50 kW Gas Station Canopy – Kingdom City, MO
20kW Solar Carport – Tennessee Ave, St. Louis, MO
29.7 kW Commercial building – Tennessee Ave, St. Louis
24.57 kW Commercial Building – Louisiana, MO
25 kW Commercial Building – Lafayette Square, St. Louis

15 kW Commercial Building – Louisiana, MO
9 kW Residential Home – Creve Coeur, MO
25 kW Commercial Building – Lafayette Ave, St. Louis
50 kW Parking Garage – Washington Ave, St. Louis
25 kW Commercial Building N Memorial Dr., St. Louis
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